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(Topless Fighting)

photo Match 1 begins with blond Lorencia in a topless brawl with brunette rival Fabiana. They get into a rolling-on-the-ground, face slapping match and later struggle on and off of a bed as they fall all over each other. Faby kicks Florencia in the stomach, turns her around and pulls her head back until she submits. In the final round, they lock hands until they fall to their knees. A slapping match to the face ensues when Faby is knocked out, blood streaming down her face.

In Match 2, Mayra has been cheating with Fabiana's boyfriend and Faby has just heard about it which leads to this catfight. They tangle and scream at each other as they toss each other around the room. Faby smacks Mayra with a vicious punch to the gut which elicits a blood curdling scream. Faby fires 5-6 punches to Mayra's stomach which Mayra returns. Faby is on an all attack mode to teach Mayra a hard lesson.

Despite the initial beating, Mayra isn't finished yet, wih wild kicks and brutal hairpulling. On their feet, fists go flying. Faby floors Mayra with a right hook. Faby humiliates Mayra while her boyfriend looks on. But Mayra finds the strength to flip Faby over and sit on her face. They continue to smack each other around the room until one finally gains advantage and takes the other out.

Packaged in a fancy dura case (shown above). NEW $29 plus S & H.

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