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photo M ore grest stuff. 40 terrific and varied catfight scenes from just about everywhere including:

# Video of a real fight
# Boxing on the beach with models
# Wife fights a mistress
# Street confrontations
# Dating disasters - girlfriend ambushes her boyfriendís date and fights her
# Knife fight in a swimming pool
# Brawling in a tub of water
# Fights from TV shows, movies, vintage films, commercials, talk shows, soaps
# PLUS a film to video transfer of the famous 1940ís hairpulling contest in Atlantic City among beauty contest winners
# All this and many more great catfighting scenes.

Everyone will find something to love on this unique 2 hour catfight video.

40 scenes, 84 Minutes. Color and B&W.

$29 plus S & H.

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