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photo We packed tons of stuff into Greatest Movie Catfights #14. Numerous fights between blonds and brunettes, a fighter gets thrown off a staircase, teen babes fight, a brawl in the desert, a multi-girl fight in a river, fights in party dresses, a fight because the women were wearing identical outfits, a fight in mini-dresses, black and white film rarities, a knife fight, a silent film catfight, a fight between amazons, fighting with swords, a high school catfight, gang up beatings, a brawl in a resort, makeup room battle, cage fighting, a mud brawl, leggy fighting over a man, an obscure catfight with Marilyn Monroe, biker chicks go at it and more!

46 scenes. 77 minutes. Color & B&Wcolor. DVD VIDEO or VHS tape.

$29 plus S & H.

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