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R edhead Mila tangles with brunette Myra with wild swinging and kicking. Untrained, wild swinging and hair pulling are their specialties. They struggle on the ground with some vicious slapping. Mila keeps getting beat up by a tougher Myra with punches to her face and kicks in the stomach. Mila's friend has to finally yell encouragement to her to keep her going. They finally fall together in a heap with Mila on top and victorious. Beautiful Katrina in a sexy red top and shorts battles Gena dressed in hot pants in a wild fist fight. Blows to the face and head and hard blows between the legs and angry name-calling. They both hold each other by the hair with one hand and pound each other in the face with the other. This is real fighting.

Katrina and Mila tangle in the fight of the centerfolds. Mila windmills her punches while Katrina holds up her fists like a boxer and whales away. They try to pull each others' shorts off and pull each others' hair at the same time. Mila goes down under a barrage of punches. She gets up again only to be dropped by a haymaker right on the jaw. Katrine 'helps' Mila to her feet by the hair and delivers one final beating. This is bare fisted, raw action. Gena takes on Myra screaming and clothes ripping right off the bat. They get on the ground and battle in the bushes with face clawing in-between the punches and hair pulling. They tangle their legs together then Myra lifts Gena off the ground by her shorts. Gena gets Myra on the ground and pounds her relentlessly in the face and the back of the head. They scream and groan like animals as they fight for survival. Myra finally turns the tables, escapes and beats Gena into submission.

60 minutes, color. Available on DVD Video or VHS Tape.

$29 plus S&H

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