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T ara and Mary go bare breast to breast pushing their skin together before some intense breast grabbing. They squeal as pinches are applied. They get up and bang each other against the wall then fall to the floor again in a heap. They struggle until Mary gets on top and squeezes Tanya's breasts until she has to give up in pain.

Mary and Julia decide to have an arm wrestling contest, then a breast pushing contest, then some leg wrestling as a warm-up to their catfight. Mary again shows her strength and she is able to get on top of Julia who gets so twisted up she has to give. They go at each other again but Mary is back in control and resorts to breast grabbing to dominate Julia. Julia comes back for more and Mary gives it to her.

Tina and Yulia get into a vicious, fight wrapping their bodies together falling all around the room into walls an sofas then down to the floor. They get totally tangles up on the floor until they look like a pretzel. Yulia applies a schoolgirl pin on Tina until she screams surrender.

Yulia and Mary get into an argument until the talking stops and they come to blows. They grab each others' crotch and won't let go. They snap headlocks on one another until Yulia throws Mary down and puts a leg scissors around her waist. Mary returns the favor and tries to squeeze the life out of Yulia. After a long hair pulling session Yulia collapses exhausted while Mary struts around the room.

Maria and Mary, 2 pretty girls, go at each other in a fury. More breast grabbing, hair pulling and leg tangling to shake a stick at. Maria gets slammed to the floor and yelps in pain. A leg vice by Mary finishes her off and she cries out like a baby. 5 matches, 60 min. Color. DVD Video, VHS tape or PAL conversion.

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