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photo Gena and Yulia have 2 fights in micro mini skirts that has stand up punching and skirt pulling until they come off. This vicious fight ends with a submission and as both girls get to their feet they give each other the finger.

Kate and Kara have the same boyfriend and were brought together to fight. What you see is one of the most intense fist fights on video. These girls mean business and it's eye-popping to watch.

A painting party turns into a brawl after 2 of the girls get into an argument.

In micro shorts, Georgia and Kate get into a breast fight. They stay on their feet the entire match and it ends with a bloody lip on one of the girls. In the rematch, elbows to the tits and punches to the stomach make this brawl memorable.

In a blond vs brunette-bathing suit battle, highlights are face punches and slaps with vicious kicking to boot.

60 minutes, color. Available on DVD or VHS Tape. $29 Plus S and H.

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