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Marissa, Godivia and Mario have a problem. When Marissa learns her husband, Mario, has been having an affair with Godivia, she visits Godivia to have it out with her. They strip down to their bikinis and go at it. They like hair pulling as well as knees to the stomach, ass and face. Finally Marissa is knocked out and Godivia attempts to tape her to a chair in order to humiliate her. Marissa escapes only to be pinned to her stomach with her hands taped behind her back. But Marissa turns the tables on the slut and shows her who's boss.

They then decide to have a topless wrestling rematch to decide who's the better woman. Aggressively they go tit to tit to settle matters once and for all. These 2 bare breasted beauties hold nothing back until victory is won.

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