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bikini clad babes, Janie and Tanya, engage in some good old ass grabbing, crotch grabbing, breast grabbing, hair and face grabbing that ends with them kicking each other senseless. Not only do they fight, they fight in three rematches until they reach pure exhaustion.

Next you'll see Yulia and Kate -- dressed in shirts, panties and black stockings -- wrestling, contorting and wrapping their sexy bodies around each other for 2 very hot matches.

Finally, Jeri challenges an undressing Yulia that ends up in a bikini vs. dress wearing slapping and hair pulling catfight that falls all over the room. This is great stuff. 60 minutes, color. Available on DVD Video, VHS tape or PAL conversion.

$49 plus S&H. DVD VIDEO or VHS TAPE. NEW $29 plus S & H.


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